Art and Knowledge Transfer

Head: Mag.phil. Eva Maria Stadler
Within the scope of interdisciplinary projects, the departement thematises the basis of extensive analysis, conceptual thinking and design, which includes the handling of unusual constellations, problem-solving competence, a contemplative ability, the generation of connected, transdisciplinary working methods, access to fields of theory, project working methodology, self-organisation, interventions, dealings with institutions, media situations, public spaces, urbanity, changes to professional images, commercial legal protection, art and cultural economics. Special emphasis is placed on the relationships between various “cultures” in a subject-related, local and international context and the relevant transitional zones.

As an extension to the previous functions of “Art & Knowledge Transfer,” project-related teaching and research are linked to concrete project practice and consultative services. Special priority is attached to transcultural projects and topics, which are integrated into numerous disciplines. Students thus receive the possibility to practice conceptive thinking in projects outside their specialist areas, to gather project experience, to begin to work with the new in an experimental manner, and position themselves in unfamiliar constellations with a view to complex professional areas and new types of subject combinations. A main departmental objective is the increased activation of internal and external project networks.