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22. June 2018 - 26. June 2018

Finest Austrian Design at Beirut Design Week 2018

The exhibition "Finest Austrian Design at Beirut Design Week 2018 - Design as our common future heritage", is organized by ed. Triton Productions and curated by Bariaa Mourad.
22. June 2018 - 29. June 2018

Our Place in Space. Astronomie und Kunst im Dialog

With artists from the master class Art & Science of the University of Applied Arts Vienna, lead by Prof. Virgil Widrich, selected through a call. „Our Place in Space” offers opportunity to contemplate how and where we experience the Universe - and how we should continue to do so.
20. June 2018 - 04. November 2018
Naturhistorisches Museum Wien

Fashion. Wow!

Mode als Statement

15. June 2018 - 08. September 2018
Galerie Freihausgasse, Villach

falkeis2architects: active energy building

The exhibition "falkeis2architects: active energy building" details the extensive research by the Austrian architects Anton Falkeis & Cornelia Falkeis-Senn, and the many advances in materials, building, and network design that led to a truly "active building".
06. June 2018 - 29. July 2018


Experimental fashion in the context of contemporary art

Can fashion and art respond to current social, economic, cultural and environmental urgencies and shape new paradigmatic positions? Transfashional explores the ways in which artists and fashion designers are engaging and contributing to these questions.
26. May 2018 - 30. September 2018
Kalmar Konstmuseum

Schauraum: Hanakam + Schuller

04. May 2018 - 06. July 2018
Schauraum, Quartier21, MuseumsQuartier